99 Bài tập về so sánh hơn và so sánh nhất từ dễ đến khó

bài tập về so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất

So sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất nằm trong chủ điểm ngữ pháp cấu trúc câu so sánh mà bất kì người học tiếng Anh ở trình độ nào cũng phải nắm rõ. Nếu đã làm chủ được phần lý thuyết về 2 dạng so sánh này rồi, bạn nên bắt tay vào làm ngay các bài tập để ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức. Dưới đây là phần bài tập về so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất từ cơ bản đến nâng cao (có kèm theo đáp án) mà Edison Schools đã tổng hợp. Cùng thử sức bạn nhé!

Bài tập về so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất

Tổng hợp bài tập về so sánh hơn và so sánh nhất đầy đủ 

Bài tập 1. Hoàn thành bảng sau đây bằng cách viết dạng so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất của các tính từ/trạng từ.

Adj/AdvSo sánh hơnSo sánh hơn nhất
1.       amazing  
2.       weak  
3.       fast  
4.       comfortable  
5.       creatively  
6.       dirty  
7.       sad  
8.       little  
9.     badly  
10.   quiet  

Đáp án:

Adj/AdvSo sánh hơnSo sánh hơn nhất
1.       amazingmore amazingthe most amazing
2.       weakweakerthe weakest
3.       fastfasterthe fastest
4.       comfortablemore comfortablethe most comfortable
5.       creativelymore creativelythe most creatively
6.       dirtydirtierthe dirtiest
7.       sadsadderthe saddest
8.       littlelessthe least
9.       badlyworsethe worst
10.   quietquieterthe quietest

Bài tập 2. Điền vào chỗ trống cho dạng đúng của so sánh hơn hoặc so sánh hơn nhất.

  1.       Her daughter is______than her. (clever)
  2.       In the past, people were______than today. (happy)
  3.       Which house is______, my house or your house? (tall)
  4.       What’s ______river in the world. (long)
  5.       Ha Noi City is______than Ho Chi Minh City. (small)
  6.       This is______book she has ever read. (wonderful)
  7.       Jack is singing______than he used to do. (badly)  
  8.       Sam is______in his family. (young)
  9.       China is far______than the UK. (large)
  10.   That flight ticket is______of all. (expensive)
  1.       Her daughter is more clever than her. (clever)
  2.       In the past, people were happier than today. (happy)
  3.       Which house is taller, my house or your house? (tall)
  4.       What’s the longest river in the world. (long)
  5.       Ha Noi City is smaller than Ho Chi Minh City. (small)
  6.       This is the most wonderful book she has ever read. (wonderful)
  7.       Jack is singing worse than he used to do. (badly) 
  8.       Sam is the youngest in his family. (young)
  9.       China is far larger than the UK. (large)
  10.     That flight ticket is the most expensive of all. (expensive)

Bài tập 3. Tìm và sửa lỗi (nếu có) trong các câu dưới đây.

  1.       Cats are the most intelligent than cows.
  2.       One of the famousest football players in Vietnam is Nguyen Cong Phuong.
  3.       The living room is biggest than the kitchen one.
  4.       No river in the world is the longest than the Nile.
  5.       His illness was much serious than we had thought at first.
  1.       the most intelligent => more intelligent
  2.       the famousest => the most famous
  3.       biggest than => bigger than
  4.       the longest => longer
  5.       much serious => more serious

Bài tập 4. Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi dựa trên từ gợi ý.

  1. His old house is smaller than his new one.

     =>(bigger) ____________________________________ .

  1. Lisa is the fastest typist in her team.

=>(faster) ____________________________________ .

  1. No player plays football as well as Ronaldo.

=>(best) ____________________________________ .

  1. The red skirt is more expensive than the black skirt.

=>(cheaper) ____________________________________ .

  1. This machine works better than that one.

=>(worse) ____________________________________ .

  1. In my opinion, Maths is more difficult than English.

=>(easier) ____________________________________ .

  1. Tim works harder than anyone in his class.

=>(hardest) ____________________________________ .

  1. The company’s revenue in June is higher compared to the past 3 months.

=>(lower) ____________________________________ .

  1. There is no better teacher in my school than Mrs.Hien.

=>(best) ____________________________________ .

  1. This is the fastest motorbike I’ve ever driven.

=>(faster) ____________________________________ .

  1.       His new house is bigger than his old one.
  2.       No one in Lisa’s team types faster than her.
  3.       Ronaldo is the best football player.
  4.       The black skirt is cheaper than the red one.
  5.       That machine works worse than this one.
  6.       In my opinion, English is easier than Maths.
  7.       Tim is the hardest student in his class.
  8.       The company’s revenue in the past 3 months is lower than it is in June.
  9.       Mrs. Hien is the best teacher in my school.
  10. No motorbike I’ve ever driven is faster than this one.

Bài tập 5:

Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives below.

example:       big / bigger / biggest             or     important / more important / most important
1. tall22. far
2. cheap23. bad
3. expensive24. fat
4. good25. interesting
5. lazy26. narrow
6. pretty27. safe
7. beautiful28. dangerous
8. difficult29. messy
9. boring30. handsome
10. shy31. attractive
11. happy32. delicious
12. short33. useful
13. famous34. easy
14. comfortable35. lucky
15. ugly36. quiet
16. warm37. noisy
17. long38. modern
18. intelligent39. patient
19. wide40. convenient
20. thick41. accurate
21. smart




1. talltallerthe tallest22. farfartherthe farthest
2. cheapcheaperthe cheapest23. badworsethe worst
3. expensivemore expensivethe most expensive24. fatfatterthe fattest
4. goodbetterthe best25. interestingmore interestingthe most interesting
5. lazylazierthe laziest26. narrownarrowerthe narrowest
6. prettyprettierthe prettiest27. safesaferthe safest
7. beautifulmore beautifulthe most beautiful28. dangerousmore dangerousthe most dangerous
8. difficultmore difficultthe most difficult29. messymessierthe messiest
9. boringmore boringthe most boring30. handsomemore handsomethe most handsome
10. shyshyerthe shyest31. attractivemore attractivethe most attractive
11. happyhappierthe happiest32. deliciousmore deliciousthe most delicious
12. shortshorterthe shortest33. usefulmore usefulthe most useful
13. famousmore famousthe most famous34. easyeasierthe easiest
14. comfortablemore comfortablethe most comfortable35. luckyluckierthe luckiest
15. uglyuglierthe ugliest36. quietquieterthe quietest
16. warmwarmerthe warmest37. noisynoisierthe noisiest
17. longlongerthe longest38. modernmore modernthe most modern
18. intelligentmore intelligentthe most intelligent39. patientmore patientthe most patient
19. widewiderthe widest40. convenientmore convenientthe most convenient
20. thickthickerthe thickest41. accuratemore accuratethe most accurate
21. smartsmarterthe smartest
    1. Bài tập 6: Fill in the blanks below to complete the sentences. Study the boxes above.


1. I (tall) __________________________________ person in my family.
2. Jupiter (big) __________________________________ planet in our solar system.
3. Elephants (large) __________________________________ land animals on earth.
4. We bought (expensive) __________________________________ TV in the store.
5. Which sports do you think (dangerous) __________________________________?
6. My cat (lazy) __________________________________ animal I know.
7. This restaurant serves (good) __________________________________ food in town.
8. I think math (difficult) __________________________________ subject.
9. What (long) __________________________________ word in English that you know?
10. He (strange) __________________________________ man in the story.
11. Last week, I had (bad) __________________________________ time of my life!
12. Which place (hot) __________________________________ place on earth?
13. I think it (funny) __________________________________ show on television.
14. My friend (interesting) __________________________________ person I know.
15. Who (famous) __________________________________ person in your country?


1. am the tallest
2. is the biggest
3. are the largest
4. the most expensive
5. are the most dangerous
6. is the laziest
7. the best
8. is the most difficult

9. is the longest
10. is / was the strangest
11. the worst
12. is the hottest
13. is the funniest
14. is the most interesting
15. is the most famous

Bài tập 7Complete the following sentences with the correct comparative form of the words listed below.

bad important crowded good high heavy convenient difficult cheap expensive quiet easy thin healthy dangerous cold

      1. In Canada, January is________________________ than March.
      2. I think that good health is__________________________ than money.
      3. I can’t carry my suitcase. It’s much________________________ than yours.
      4. I can afford to buy a new bike but not a new car. A car is__________________________ than a bike.
      5. You look_______________________ than the last time I saw you. Have you lost weight?
      6. I couldn’t get a seat in the restaurant. It was____________________________ than usual.
      7. Mountains are__________________________ than hills.
      8. He got a very good mark on his exam. The exam was______________________ than he had expected.
      9. You should go to the doctor. Your cold is___________________________ than it was a few days ago.
      10. There is a lot of crime in the big cities. They are___________________________ than the small town where I live.
      11. I don’t understand this lesson. It is_____________________________________ than the last one we did.
      12. I can’t study in this room. It’s too noisy. I’m going to find a____________________________
      13. Our apartment is far from everything. We want to move to a___________________________
      14. Orange juice is_____________________ than Coke.
      15. The store is having a great sale today. Most televisions are 25%__________________________ than they were
      16. The doctor told me that I can go back to work if I feel_________________________________


      1. colder 2. more important 3. heavier 4. more expensive 5. thinner 6. more crowded 7. higher 8. easier 9. worse 10. more

dangerous             11. more difficult               12. quieter            13. more convenient              14. healthier              15. cheaper            16. better


Bài tập 9: Comparatives Using as….as

Make your own comparisons using the words provided and the structure asÉas.

Ex. My apartment/ large/ yours                              My apartment is as large as yours.

My car /expensive/ your car                              My car isn’t as expensive as your car.

  1. biology! interesting! history __________
  2. train! fast! airplane ______________
  3. algebra! difficult! geometry__________
  4. Batman ! popular! Superman ________
  5. lemon! sweet! orange_______________
  6. morning! warm! afternoon___________
  7. robin ! big! eagle___________________
  8. my neighbor! friendly! yours_________
  9. tiger! dangerous! lion ______________
  10. bicycle! expensive! motorcycle
  11. house! tall! skyscraper
  12. France! beautiful! Switzerland
  13. my old shoes! comfortable! new shoes
  14. grammar! difficult ! spelling
  15. Beethoven! famous ! Mozart
  16. frozen yogurt! fattening! ice cream
  17. Coke! healthy! fruit juice
  18. my apartment! convenient! yours
  19. big cities! safe! small towns
  20. New York hotels! expensive! Tokyo hotels
  1. Biology is/isn’t as interesting as history 2. A train isn’t as fast as a plane 3. Algebra is/isn’t as difficult as geometry.        4. Batman is/isn’t as

popular as Superman. 5. A lemon isn’t as sweet as an orange. 6. The morning isn’t as warm as the afternoon. 7. A robin isn’t as big as an eagle. 8. My neighbor is/isn’t as friendly as yours.    9. A tiger is as dangerous as a lion.           10. A bicycle isn’t as expensive as a motorcycle.

  1. A house isn’t as tall as a skyscraper. 12. France is/isn’t as beautiful as Switzerland. 13. My old shoes are/aren’t as comfortable as my

new shoes.             14. Grammar is/isn’t as difficult as spelling.               15. Beethoven is as famous as Mozart.          16. Frozen yogurt is/isn’t as fattening as

ice-cream.         17. Coke isn’t as health as fruit juice.               18. My apartment is/isn’t as convenient as yours.        19. Big cities are/aren’t as safe as
small towns. New York hotels are/aren’t as expensive as Tokyo hotels.

Bài tập 10:The Superlative Form of Adjectives

Complete the following sentences with the correct superlative form of the words listed below.

funny high delicious easy cold           boring lucky smart

dirty rich        valuable bad         large cheap       long        scary

  1. Yesterday was____________________ day of the year. I almost froze to death walking home from school!
  2. That was_______________________________ movie I’ve ever seen. I almost walked out in the middle.
  3. Please give me your recipe. That is________________________________ cake I’ve ever eaten.
  4. Jerry is__________________________ student in our class. He gets the top grades in every course.
  5. Bob told_______________________________________ story last night. I couldn’t stop laughing.
  6. Whales are___________________________________________ animals in the world.
  7. The Nile is________________________________________ river in the world.
  8. Marie is ________________________________ person I know. She has won the lottery four times!
  9. He is______________________________ speaker I have ever heard. Half the audience fell asleep during
    his speech.
  10. Mount Everest is_________________________________ mountain in the world.
  11. That is_________________________________ painting in the art gallery. It’s worth a million dollars.
  12. Bill Gates is one of men in the world.
  13. I finished the exercise in five minutes. It was_____________________________ homework the teacher
    has ever given us.
  14. Arthur hates to clean. He has_________________________________ apartment I’ve ever seen.
  15. My dinner only cost $6.00. That must be_________________________________ restaurant in town.
  16. I was afraid to turn off the lights last night. That was __________________________________ show
    I’ve ever watched.


  1. the coldest 2. the worst 3. the most delicious       4. the smartest              5. the funniest                    6. the largest            7. the longest                 8. the luckiest         9.

the most boring               10. the highest               11. the most valuable           12. the richest                     13. the easiest           14. the dirtiest                15. the cheapest             16. the


Bài tập11:The Superlative Form of Adjectives

Write questions using the words provided and the superlative form of the adjective. what/ big mistake/ ever made What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

  1. what /beautiful place to visit/ your country
  2. who/ kind person/ you know
  3. what/ good movie/ ever seen
  4. what/ happy day/ in your life
  5. what/ crazy thing/ ever done
  6. what/ expensive thing/ ever bought
  7. what/ good restaurant/ your city
  8. what/ exciting place/ ever been
  9. who/ interesting person/ ever met


  1. What is the most beautiful place to visit in your country? 2. Who is the kindest person you know? 3. What is the best movie you’ve ever seen? 4. What was the happiest day of your life? 5. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 6. What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought? 7. What is the best restaurant in your city? 8. What is the most exciting place you’ve ever been? 9. Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

Bài tập 12 Comparatives and Superlatives of Adverbs

Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adverbs below. Adverb Comparative Superlative

Ex. fast                                    faster                                                                       the fastest

  • hard
  • carefully
  • early
  • quickly
  • slowly
  • beautifully
  • well
  • clearly
  • late
  1. far
  2. badly
  3. fluently


  1. harder / the hardest 2. more carefully / the most carefully 3. earlier / the earliest 4. more quickly / most quickly 5. more slowly / most slowly 6. more beautifully / most beautifully 7. better / best 8. more clearly / most clearly                                         9. later / latest                                                                    10. further / furthest
  2. worse / worst 12. more fluently / most fluently

Bài tập 13 Use the adjective in brackets in their correct forms of comparison to complete the sentences. 

  1. Tea is coffee. (cheap)
  2. The new harvest machine is than the old one. (effective)
  3. The countryside is the town. (beautiful)
  4. A tractor is  a buffalo. (powerful)
  5. My sister is me. (tall)


Đáp án: 

  1. cheaper than
  2. more effective
  3. more beautiful than
  4. more powerful than
  5. taller than


Bài tập 14 Choose the best answers of these sentences. 

  1. Of the four dresses, I like the red one (better/ best).
  2. Bill is the (happier/ happiest) person we know.
  3. Pat’s cat is (faster/ fastest) than Peter’s.
  4. This poster is (colourfuler/ more colourful) than the one in the hall.
  5. Does Fred feel (weller/ better) today than he did yesterday?
  6. This vegetable soup tastes very (good/ best).
  7. Jane is the (less/ least) athletic of all the women.
  8. My cat is the (prettier/ prettiest) of the two.
  9. 9. The colder the weather gets, (sicker/ the sicker) I feel.


Đáp án: 

  1. best
  2. happiest
  3. fasster
  4. more colourful
  5. better
  6. good
  7. least
  8. prettier
  9. the sicker


Bài tập 15. Rewrite each sentence so it has the same meaning. Use a comparative form of the adjective in brackets. 

  1. Tim is older than Sarah. (young)


  1. Our house is large than yours. (small)

Your house is  

  1. Bill is not as tall as David. (short)

Bill is  

  1. Jack’s marks are worse than mine. (good)

My marks  

  1. This book is the same price at that one. (expensive)

That book is  

  1. Your bike is slower than mine. (fast)

My bike  


Đáp án:  

  1. Sarah is younger than Tim.
  2. Your house is smaller than ours.
  3. Bill is shorter than David.
  4. My marks are better than Jack’s.
  5. That book is as expensive as this one.
  6. My bike is faster than yours.


Bài tập 16 Rewrite the sentences of comparison. 

  1. Her old house is bigger than her new one.

˃ Her new house  

  1. No one in my class is taller than Peter.

˃ Peter  

  1. The black dress is more expensive than the white one.

˃ The white dress  

  1. According to me, English is easier than Maths.

˃ According to me, Maths  

  1. No one in my group is more intelligent than Mary.

˃ Mary  

  1. No river in the world is longer than the Nile.

˃ The Nile  

  1. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

˃ No mountain  

  1. This is the first time I have ever met such a pretty girl,

˃ She is  

  1. He works much. He feels tired.

˃ The more  

  1. This computer works better than that one.

˃ That computer  


Đáp án 

  1. Her new house isn’t so/ as big as her old one.
  2. Peter is the tallest in my class.
  3. The white dress isn’t so/ as expensive as the black one. /The white dress is cheaper than the black one.
  4. According to me, Maths isn’t so/ as easy as English/ Maths is more difficult than English.
  5. Mary is the most intelligent in my group.
  6. The Nile is the longest river in the world.
  7. No mountain in the world is higher than Mount Everest.
  8. She is the prettiest girl I have ever met.
  9. The more he works, the more tired he feels.
  10. That computer doesn’t work so/ as well as that one.


Bài tập 17: Choose the correct answer 

Benefit of living in the countryside. 

While many people prefer city life, a lot of people want to send their life in a rural area. The countryside are often(1)_________than the city because there are not as many factories and traffic as in big cities. The country folk can be (2) _________and they often live(3) _________than city dwellers. Besides, life in the countryside is(4) _________and peaceful because the crime rate is much(5) _________. The rural areas are(6) _________populated than the urban  area but the neighbors are(7) _________and more helpful. Life in the countryside is(8) _________for old people than the energetic youngsters. 

1.A.less polluted B.more polluted C.less pollutedly D.more pollutedly 

2.A.more healthy B.healthier C.more healthily D.helthily. 

3.A.longly B.longer C.shortly D.shorter 

4.A.more simple B.simpler C.simply D.more simply 

5.A.higher B.highly C.lower D.lowly 

6.A.more densely B.more dense C.less D.less dense 

7.A.more friendly B.friendlier C.friendly D.less friendly 

8.A.more suitable B.more suitbly C.less suitably D.suitably. 


Đáp án: 

  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. B
  8. A

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