Training system

For the academic year 2022-2023, Edison Schools welcome all applicants to Standard English Program and American Bilingual Program from grades 1 through 11. 

Entry requirements

All students who are of the required age ranges, must have completed the national standard curriculum with good conduct, and meet the specific etry requirements.
Students who are Vietnamese living overseas, students who leave school in the middle of school year will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Parents please contact Admissions Office to get further information on the entry requirements and application documents.


  1. Assessing Student’s Registration form (as per the Edison Schools form).
  2. Interviewing students for student’s capabilities, personality, needs, and academic goals.
  3. Interviewing parent(s) for family educational goals and orientations.
  4. Diagnostic assessments
    • Grade 1:
      • Assessment on cognitive ability, thinking skills, memorization, language skills, motor skills, social interactional skills, … through a series of interactive activitities.
    • Grade 2-11: Interviews for student’s characteristics, personality, interests, aspirations and Written assessment on 3 subjects: Mathematics, Vietnamese (Literature) and English.
      • Standard English Program: English assessment (written only) for reference.
      • American Bilingual Program: English assessment (both writing and speaking).


Admissions procedures

Step 1: Parents register for entrance diagnostic assessment.
Step 2: Schools get enrollment details, schedule assessment time and inform parents.

Step 3: Parents and students come to school for scheduled diagnostic assessment and interviews.
Step 4: Students’ papers are marked and the council of admission reviews results.
Step 5: Results and admission decision letters are sent to parents (if students are admitted) after at most 14 days.
Step 6: Parents complete enrollment procedures as guided by the Schools.

Application documents
  • Application documents:
    1. Application form (provided by the Schools).
    2. 01 copy of the student’s birth certificate (with red seal).
    3. Transcripts of all grades in the current education stage (original copy) (for students of grade 2-11).
    4. A copy of graduation diploma or of temporary graduation certificate for students entering Grade 10 (with red seal).
    5. 01 photocopy of household booklet containing the student’s information (with red seal) (for students who have household booklet outside Hanoi and Hung Yen province).
    6. Transcript of the most recent school year and semester (for students who enroll in the middle of the school year).
    7. School transfer recommendation letter (original copy) certified by Principal (except for students who transition to secondary or high school).
    8. A photocopy of unexpired obligatory and voluntary health insurance card (for students who already have insurance cards or who do not register insurance cards at school).
    9. Certificates of achievements: For students who have excellent academic results, awards in academic fields, sports, arts at city, national and international level (both original and copy for comparison).

    * For students enrolled in high school, parents please contact Admissions Office to get further information on the enrollment requirements and enrollment application documents.

  • For Ecopark residents:
    1. Ecopark resident certificate (form provided by Edison schools, valid for 01 academic year).
    2. The original Ecopark house sale contract, or house ownership certificate, or the renting contract (For comparison).


Parents can register for entrance diagnostic assessment in the following 3 ways: 

  • Register directly at the Schools’ Admissions Office. 
  • Register via hotline: 0989 961 616 
  • Register online HERE 

After successful registration, Parents transfer the registration fee of VND 2,000,000 and entrance examination fee of VND 500,000 to the school’s account below: 

  • Beneficiary’s Name: An Khanh Inno Chain Investment Joint Stock Company 
  • Account 1: 5555556816 at Vietcombank – Tay Ha Noi Branch
  • Message format: Student’s name, date of birth, desirable program (CB/TACS), grade (Middle school / Junior high school). 
  • In which: TC = Standard English Program; SN = American Bilingual Program.