To meet the needs of many Parents and Students, the school offers an extracurricular program that includes courses to enhance skills, improve physical strength, and develop emotions for students after regular classes. Typical extracurricular programs are MC Club, Media Club, Martial Arts Club …


In order to facilitate families wishing their children to stay at school after regular classes, the school provides after-school care service with the following specific information:

2.1. For families who register for the service with teacher supervision:

  • Parents register for the service with the school.
  • After-school care hours are from 17:00 onwards.
  • After the class is over, the homeroom teachers take students to the after-school care room with the supervision of the teachers.
  • tudents participate in activities such as reading, homework instructions, playing with toys.
  • Expenses:
    – From 17h00 – 17h30: 35,000 VND/session (calculated on the basis of minutes)
    – From 17h31 – 18h00: 75,000 VND/session (calculated on the basis of minutes)
    – From 18h01: 300,000 VND / hour (The school does not encourage families to leave their children at school too late).

2.2. For families wishing their children to play freely at the school yard:

  • Commitments from the school:
    – Do not allow students to leave the campus without being accompanied by an adult (parents, or an authorized person)
    – Do not let strangers enter the school
    – Do not let vehicles travel freely on campus
  • Commitments from parents:
    – Sign a legal commitment (with a specific form) about being responsible for the child’s physical, psychological … safety.