If education is a process of cultivating a tree, then for every young tree, the first 5 years of life are the time to germinate, take root, cling deeply to the mother soil to survive and rise. In the next 4 years, the tree will have to absorb enough nutrients to make the trunk tall, firm, leaves grow, spread widely, etc. This is a great growing period of the tree and so are the students in 4 years of secondary. This is the period when they are growing constitution, cognizance, intellect, and emotion strongly. Therefore, the secondary education program is designed based on the keyword “TO FORM”, because this stage is considered to be an important level to have the solid foundation of knowledge and skills which form individual competencies.

With a well-designed program, especially the application of teaching methods that lead learners to be positive and proactive, the program will help students create motivation, encourage them to self-study, enhance communication skills, cooperate with teachers, friends, and people around. All skills such as online learning, applying information technology in learning, as well as other activities in life, they are always fostered and strengthened. Besides, in the process of learning and participating in educational activities, students are encouraged to develop personal skills which suitable for the psychophysiology of each grade.

To accomplish learning goals, it is very important to develop a learning plan. At this stage, Edison schools will pay special attention to support the students’ self-assessment, explore their abilities, choose the appropriate learning method to bring the best results, formulate specific goals in the learning pathway.

Students with appropriate goals and competencies will be encouraged by the school, be facilitated to take part in international standard examinations, high-performance exams in English, STEM & Robotics, Sports and Arts.

At this stage, Edison’s educational program continues to maintain the length of English teaching in the Standard English Program and the American Bilingual Program with two to four times more than the general program of the Ministry of Education and Training.



In Edison, we focus on creating a comprehensive educational environment, where every student can develop constitution, cognizance, intellect, and emotional. Edison students’ generations will become confident, motivated, and knowledgeable young people, ready to adapt to life’s changes.


Edison Schools are currently implementing two training systems, Standard English Program and American Bilingual Program, to meet the varied needs and orientations of each family.


  • The Vietnamese program is based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, which ensures knowledge and skills standards. The program is also optimized and updated to best implement the educational goals.
  • Subjects' content is restructured by special subjects, spending 15-20% of the total teaching time on practical applications and projects on the basis of advanced, specific, and suitable conditions of the school.
  • Focus on developing dignity - competence of learners.
  • Innovate teaching methods, apply positive teaching methods to help students be interested in the subject, linking theory with practice, applying knowledge from real life.
  • Innovate testing and evaluating methods through special subjects, big exercises, projects, thereby assessing students' ability to apply knowledge - skills to solve real situations.
  • Strengthen the application of information technology in teaching and learning, students are equipped and trained online learning skills.
  • Based on the foundation of the National Education Program, the Physical Education and Art (Music, Fine Arts) curriculum is designed to utilize and maximize the modern facilities in Edison and taking advantage of Ecopark green space.
  • The Life Skills program is built into an individual subject and integrates some contents into other subjects to help students equip and practice social communication skills, thinking and learning skills, self-mastering skill. Especially, starting from secondary level, the Life Skills program is designed according to topics such as gender education, mental & physical health care skills, study skills, self-awareness skills, skills to build relationships. At the same time, also from secondary school level to high school, with diverse forms of learning and activities, students will form and develop skills such as problems solving, organizational and time management skills; Teamwork and collaboration skills; Leadership and decision-making skills, presentation skills, communication skills, adaptive skill, career self-directed skill, etc. But most importantly, every Edison student will be encouraged to develop lifelong learning skills in different settings.
  • The Information Technology & Computer Science program is designed specifically for Edison students, help them to develop thinking and competency in computer and information technology, applied in all fields, especially in the era of Technological Revolution 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AI & IoT). At the same time, this is also a career-oriented opportunity for students.
  • The STEM & ROBOTICS program is built according to the US program framework, selected, and designed to suit Vietnamese students, with the current high-precision, creative and diverse learning materials. Participating in STEM-Robotics class, students have opportunities to study, explore, use multiple languages, and approach national and international Robotics contest such as First Lego League (FLL), World Robot Olympiad (WRO), Robotacon, etc.
  • Through projects, social activities, the program content is implemented in separate lessons or integrated into other disciplines to develop personality and core values for Edison’s students: Respect – Cooperation, Love – Sharing, Kindness – Integrity, Positive – Active, Responsibility – Effort, Learning – Creativity.
  • The Reading Program inspires and maintains reading habits and interests – an opening door to a treasure trove of human knowledge.
  • Club program within the regular school schedule: 4 periods/week. Students can choose clubs according to their interests and strengths in the fields of Arts, Sports, Learning, Science and Technology. 
  • A series of full-day, inter-school or school-wide project days with diverse content and format, which are organized 4 times/year, in all subjects of Edison Education Program.
  • Picnic: 2 times/year, combine practical learning and skills practicing into picnic experience.
  • Series of Events – International or Vietnamese Traditional program. 


  • The ESL English Program (English as a Second Language) follows the CEFR (European Common Language Reference Framework).
  • The program is taught entirely in English, with 10 periods/week, account for 50% of the time with foreign teachers.
  • Towards the goal of achieving the standard of language entry for International Universities.
  • Participate in the International English certification exams such as Cambridge English, TOEFL / IELTS.
  • The ESL English Program (English as a Second Language) follows the CEFR (European Common Language Reference Framework).
  • Intensive English program including the subjects ENL (English as a Native Language), Math, Science built based on the framework of the American High School program (Common Core).
  • The program is taught entirely in English, with a duration of 16 lessons/week, account for 63% of the time with foreign teachers.
  • Towards the goal of language competence to succeed in studying at International Universities.
  • Participate in the International English certification exams such as Cambridge English, TOEFL / IELTS and academic standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, etc.