With the desire to provide students with a safe and professional education environment, Edison Schools have invested in building a spacious and modern school system on campus with a total area of 21,000m2 in the Aquabay area, Ecopark Township, Hung Yen. In particular, the school’s construction density accounts for just over 30% of the total land area, leaving most of the space for greenery and students’ outdoor sports and outdoor activities.


The classroom buildings are designed in a modern, healthy way with surrounding red brick walls, giving Edison an intimate name “The Red Brick Schools”. Classrooms have an average area of about 60m2 with a design that ensures natural light for each class and ample space for 30-35 students / class. The classrooms are equipped with modern and beautiful equipment with intelligent interactive whiteboard (IWB), school network connection, two-way air-conditioning system, students’ products display shelves, etc. They really help to inspire students to learn. Tables and chairs are designed flexibly to help teachers and students arrange different sitting models to suit each teaching content.




The Physics – Chemistry – Biology Laboratories are equipped with diverse and vivid learning materials, suitable for each educational level in accordance with the program standards. Large laboratory space with tables and chairs and electric lines on the tabletop creates favorable conditions for students to practice the experiments.


The STEM-Robotics spacious rooms with low table system facilitates the students’ creativity and group communication. All Robotic tools are imported from the United States according to the curriculum standards of Lego Education. The laptop computer system connected to the robots ensures the effective operation during students’ practices.


The Computer Science Rooms are equipped with modern desktops and laptops, meeting the requirements of equipping students with knowledge and skills in hardware, software and necessary applications, as well as enhancing student’s learning efficiency.


The Music Rooms with various instruments, such as guitar, cajon drum, flute, etc. effectively serve the school’s music program, and become a familiar space for bands’ practice, clubs, and concerts of talented students and music enthusiasts.


The Art Rooms with glass doors, overlooking the outer space inspire students’ creativity. These rooms are equipped with brushes, ink, picture frames …, suitable for every topic and content of the lesson. The best products of students are displayed in exhibitions in the school yard and hall.


The Family Skill Rooms are equipped with a professional Master Chef model with the most modern cooking stoves, sinks and appliances. Equipment such as induction stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and fresh ingredients help students get excited and love every hour of practice.
Dance Rooms with large mirror system and wooden handrails are definitely the favorite study space for students who are passionate about this art.


The Dance Rooms with large mirror system and wooden handrails are definitely the favorite study space for students who are passionate about this art.


The Martial Arts Rooms equipped with specialized cushions, belt systems, gloves and professional tools are a favorite space for many martial arts enthusiasts.


The Libraries are the Eddies’ favorite spaces with lots of interesting books, inspiring reading corners with low tables and chairs, lazy bags and window shelves. School also organizes activities to introduce new books, let students share their favorite books in the library time.


The Multi-function Room is designed for physical lessons (when the weather is not good for outdoor activities) with full system of ceiling lights, air conditioners … and can accommodate up to 700 people. This is where many impressive matches of Primary Badminton, Basketball and Eddie Fair activities take place.


The cafeteria is an area that is always kept clean with a system of plastic doors and blinds that prevent insects. The cafeteria is also equipped with a heating shelf system to keep food warm, a dish dryer, tables and chairs arranged for separate classes … The menu is published weekly, helping families guide the children to choose the dishes that suit their interests and health.



With two basketball courts and one football field designed to meet standards of quality and specifications, this is a favorite area for students interested in sports. This is also the place where exciting tournaments take place during the school year such as basketball, football, martial arts…



This is an area designed specifically for Primary Eddies. Playground is a vibrant destination in Circle Time, break time, after-school time with items designed flexibly and safely, including slides, seesaw, mesh, spinning pillars … The platform of the playground is designed with soft rubber mattresses to create smoothness and safety for students.