• Chairman of the Founding Council of EDISON Schools System.
  • General Director of SSG GROUP.
  • Co-founded WELLSPRING International Bilingual School System.
  • Chairman of SSG Investment and Education Development Company (SSGE HANOI).

“From the perspective of a founder and developer of SSG Group – one of the leading economic groups in Vietnam, operating in the most dynamic areas of the economy, I understand and want to share to parents and teachers, there is only one way for our children to develop in a constantly changing and developing globalized society, automation with Internet and artificial intelligence in every aspect of life – BE ALWAYS READY TO RECEIVE, LEARN, UPDATE NEW THINGS, BE CREATIVE WITH PASSION AND BE ALWAYS PERSISTENT . CREATIVITY IS THE MOTIVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE.”


  • Vice-Chairman of Founding Council of EDISON Schools System.
  • Co-founded WELLSPRING International Bilingual School System.
  • Chairman of The Executive Board of the WELLSPRING International Bilingual School System.

“The happy life of a person is an endless source of inspiration and the highest goal for creativity. I believe that to educate creativity, teachers must first understand the most about students, about people and what makes people happy.
We choose the name of the inventor – the greatest entrepreneur of the 20th century – Thomas Edison not only because of his wonderful inventions but above all because of his creative spirit, perseverance and always searching for learning, his relentless labor to devote to a better, and more happiness life for people.
In Edison Schools, we believe that education only brings real meaning when it gives children a healthy heart, loves people, creates creativity for a happy life and brings happiness to others.”


  • Member of the Founding Council of EDISON Schools System.
  • Chairman of Tinhvan Group Board.

“I believe that every child is a marvel of the Universe, that is unique, which has tremendous potential in himself/herself, intellectually, creatively, emotionally and personally. The best thing education can do is unleash those potentials, uncover the hidden intellectual faculties within every student, stimulate creativity, enrich one’s spiritual life and lead their soul to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I want Edison to be such an educational environment where students will be fully equipped with knowledge, adaptability, and creativity in an era of globalization. And finally, I’m sure Edison will be a School of Kindness.”


  • Member of the Founding Council of EDISON Schools System.
  • Member of Tinhvan Group Administrative Council.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors/General Director Tinhvan Consulting.

“You have to learn to walk before you can run”… Vietnamese people have paid attention to the word” Learn” since the past. From a technology perspective, I would like to contribute the intellectual power for a learning playground for Vietnamese children, help them become kind and happy people.”


  • Member of the Founding Council of EDISON Schools System.
  • Journalist.
  • 20 years of working and researching experience in education.
  • Co-founded CIEM-Edu Education Management System, Creative Kindercare Preschool and Creative ASP Extracurricular Center.

“Twenty years of working in education gave me the opportunity to access educational models, learn and analyze many policies, meet and learn from many educational experts … And more than that, I have been listening to educational stories, inspiring by parents who always know what their children need, what they want in the way of learning and growing up.

Edison Schools is an opportunity for us – the founding members to share the same enthusiasm, inspiration, and desire to create an educational environment that can nurture Edison’s students’ longing for learning and creativity, confidence, and kindness in life.

Together, we will create an educational environment for children to grow not only in education but also by living, thinking independently and responsibly. “