The program is taught 2 periods per week from grades 1 to 12.


Early exposure to Information Technology and Computer Science help students shape critical skills and thinking about computers and technology from an early age, help students apply their knowledge in all fields, especially in the era of Technology Revolution. 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AI & IoT). At the same time, this is also a career-oriented opportunity for students. Program objectives:
  • Improve the efficiency of learning and teaching.
  • Add a new learning space.
  • Contribute to forming cooperative learning.
With the Information Technology and Computer Science program, students can gain:
  • Basic and advanced knowledge about computers, general applications, and programming skills.
  • Understand and master common software, be able to apply to daily learning.
  • Searching skills and make use of materials and information in the daily study.
  • Know how to use the Internet safely and effectively.
  • Computer system.
  • Networks & Internet
  • Data and Analysis
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • The impacts and effects of computers