Establish and develop an educational environment that harmonizes knowledge and humanities.
Direct learners to kindness, responsibility, creativity, adaptability, and lifelong learning aspirations.


With an advanced and comprehensive education program, Edison Schools is a safe school – a reliable educational address, leading the innovation and applying practical knowledge to life, contributing to the training of generations of students to be proactive, positive and ready to become responsible, creative and happy citizens.


In Edison Schools, students will be fully equipped with the core knowledge and necessary skills to be confident, brave, and healthy to create a successful and happy life, in an increasingly open but challenging and competitive world of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era.


In Edison Schools, students will be educated to become people who are full of vitality: having an abundant spiritual life, cultivating positive emotions, always following good directions … combined with a healthy, active physical body and lifestyle.


In Edison Schools, advanced educational programs and methods will give students the key to success not only academically but also practically in life. Each student is facilitated to maximize their ability to acquire and apply knowledge appropriately and effectively. Students will be able to form independent thinking, proactive learning, and practical applications.


In Edison Schools, we are fully aware that the passion will help students nurture a desire to learn, explore endlessly not only in school but also on the journey of conquering life’s challenges. Not only limited in the arid knowledge, but passion also gives Edison students the energy to access science, music, art, sports …, to develop themselves holistically and be always balanced in life.


In Edison Schools, students will be educated with dedication and openness which make learners willing to head to something new, ready to acquire new knowledge. With an open mind and vision, our students will become individuals who are not only confident about themselves but also generous and tolerant of differences, know how to listen and share ideas, have high adaptability to a changeable life.


In Edison Schools, students are always given opportunities to learn, think, act, and grow. From their own experiences and the training and development of the necessary skills, our students will become individuals responsible for themselves, their families and the community: to respect values and traditions of the family, school and country; to empathize and to be willing to share; to have enough capacity and skills to be ready to shoulder leadership responsibilities.