The program is taught 2 periods per week in the main curriculum from grades 1 to 9.


To improve the thinking and aesthetic of music, nourish the soul and vibrating in front of beauty, Edison’s music program is built on three main components: Music history, Music perception, Musical theory and instruments.

  • Music history: designed to provide students with an understanding of the history, culture, and people of nations across periods of music history, including classical, romantic, jazz, and rock & roll, pop, EDM.
  • Perception of music: With the method of learning through experience, active games, students will acquire knowledge and perceive music naturally.
  • Musical theory and instruments: Students are challenged with rhythmic sounds, basic knowledge of music theory and playing musical instruments suitable for each age group such as percussion, wind, string, electronic instruments.
  • Creativity: Students can be creative with musical instruments, rhythmic rhythms, tried with the band performance model.