In order to create favorable conditions and ensure safety for students’ transportation, the school provides bus service for students in need, from Primary to High School. The routes are covered throughout the main streets of Hanoi and are always accompanied by supervisors.


  • Pick-up/Drop-off: There are two options for parents to choose: one is to have children to be picked up/dropped off according to the fixed route; one is to have children picked up/dropped off at Home.
  • The route of each bus with specific pick-up/drop-off will be arranged by the school at the beginning of each school year, depending on the number and location of the students who register to use the service.
  • During the school year, if parents wish to change their pick-up/drop-off location or stop their transportation, they should notify the Admissions office for detailed instructions regarding the procedure.


  • The bus service provided by the school for students is not for business purposes. The fee is determined based on the actual cost of operating the bus system.
  • The published bus service fee is for students to be picked up/dropped-off at fixed points. The charge for pick-up/drop-off at home will be based on the actual situation and specific routes.
  • To see the bus service fee, please visit: here.


All the 16-seat school buses have air-conditioners, insurances … ensuring the best operating quality. Drivers are professional and experienced. Attentive, careful supervisors are in charge of caring and managing students, especially during pick-ups and drop-offs.


Parents who wish to register for Student transportation service, please contact the school’s Admissions department for specific guidance.