The team of young, energetic, passionate, and self-motivated teachers always self-study to improve professional and pedagogical skills. The teachers always try to apply information technology in teaching as well as daily tasks effectively.

100% of teachers graduated from pedagogy universities, most of them have completed postgraduate studies.

100% of teachers have worked in educational institutions for at least 1 year, many teachers have experienced in university entrance exam preparation for all subjects.

Training and Fostering courses are organized regularly, continuously, throughout the school year and synchronize in the following areas: Specialty; Homeroom work; Information Technology.

The teachers are trained well, the training courses have a clear roadmap and post-training evaluation is carried out by leading experts in teaching methods, psychologists, and life skills who are invited from the Pedagogical University, Institute of Psychology, etc. Besides, our school pays special attention to internal training. The seminars are organized by the Board of Directors, the leaders, the heads of the group, focus on sharing practical experiences, handling situations, etc.