Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

  • He was the person who brought the most creative inspiration in the history of the modern world. His whole life was associated with continuous creativity.
  • 1.500 is the number of his patent.
  • 1.093 patents are patented in the United States along with many patents in the UK, France, and Germany.
  • February 11th – Edison’s birth date has been chosen by the US Congress as National Inventor’s Day since 1983.
    He is also a leading entrepreneur, a founder, and a successful builder of many companies, the most famous of which is a General Electric Company since 1890 and is still the leading Group in the United States, developing in many technology fields.

Naming the school EDISON expresses the founders’ dream and goals of an educational system that will:

  • Equip learners with a passion for learning and the creative capacity for life in a lifetime (INNOVATION FOR LIFE).
  • Apply skills, crystallize knowledge into practical results for life.
  • Like Edison’s General Electric, going back to the Industrial Revolution 2.0 and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it is still going strong.

“If you want to have a great idea, have lots of ideas!” – Thomas Alva EDISON