The program is taught 2 periods per week in the main curriculum from grades 1 to 12.


The Life Skills education program in Edison Schools aims to help students form the basic skills to survive and adapt in life, be confident of self-control, be able to self-regulating, and have suitable behaviors in different environments and situations.

By learning and practicing life skills in an integrated program, based on real-life situations, acquiring life skills education content from foreign programs, with reference and integrate some contents in Vietnam National Education Program, Edison’s students will develop skills on three dimensions:

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills to solve problems
  • Self-control skills
  • Social communication skills

Depending on the grade, the life skills education program will focus on skills that match the age and needs of students.


Through the curriculum content in all 3 areas of Science, Art, and Ethics, Edison’s Life Skills Education Program is designed for elementary students with the following basic skills:

  • Basic tool skills: reading, writing, calculating, logical thinking, analysis and decision making.
  • Conduct skills in relationships with relatives, friends, teachers and the community: skills to care about the emotions and needs of people around; skills to share belongings, toys with friends, and siblings in the family; communication skills at home and school; skills to eradicate prejudge about “differences”; time-saving skills: punctuality, planning, organization; traffic skills; skills to follow the rules in any game.
  • Self-behaved skills: skills to be confident with their abilities, believe in good things; skills to show their position in the family or the class; care about and control their emotions; exercise, eat right, pay attention to factors affecting mental health and know how to make the right choices; self-service skills, self-responsibility (self-feeding, self-dressing, self-hygiene, self-study supplies, study corner arrangement, self-study); handle minor injuries such as cuts, scratches, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, burns, etc.
  • Skill to deal with objects: Love and care for domestic animals; understanding of the world around them; form the concepts of honesty, fairness and equality; preserving environmental sanitation, thrifty living, appreciating the material values we have (preserving clothes, utensils, toys …); have

Secondary and High school

Starting from the secondary level, the Life Skills Program is designed according to topics such as gender education, study skills, family skills, self-awareness skills, financial management skills, etc.

At the same time, also from secondary level and continuing to high school, with various forms of learning and activities such as experience lessons, practice, project planning, self-study, etc., students will be formed and developed skills to be confident in learning and life such as:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative skills
  • Work organization and time management skills
  • Teamwork and teammate skills
  • Leadership and decision-making skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Conductive communication skills
  • Adaptive skills

Moreover, students also have skills to solve problems in daily life, mastering themselves such as:

  • Self-care skills
  • Independent skills
  • Skills to participate in social activities

But most importantly, every Edison Schools student will be encouraged to build lifelong learning skills in different environments!