The school provides breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and drinks for students during school time.

  • Parents can choose whether or not to use the school’s daycare service.
  • Parents can choose whether or not to use breakfast service at school. However, the school encourages parents to sign up for the student to use semi-boarding services to give children time to relax, and more opportunities to participate in group activities, share and learn more from friends.
  • The school commits that semi-boarding services provided to Students are not for business purposes. The school does not charge for daycare. The full published boarding fee is paid for students’ breakfast, lunch, brunch and drinks.
  • The school commits to the origin and quality of food and drinking water. The school kitchen system meeting the standards of food safety and hygiene according to current regulations ensures to provide students with nutritious, healthy and safe meals.
  • The school has separate Kitchen and Canteen, with Kitchen Supervisor, Chef, Sous-chef, and other staff members as official school employees.
    The menu is made public 1 week in advance on the school’s information channels for parents and students to know and choose.


Nap time after lunch varies by age and school level.

  • Grades 1 – 6: Students take a nap in the classroom.
  • From grades 7 to 12: There are two options:
    – For those who need a nap: Students take a nap at separate rooms for boys and girls.
    – For those who do not need to take a nap: Students participate in individual activities at the Library, Free break room, Sports ground … under the supervision of teachers.

Method of organizing and arranging classes:

  • Each classroom has a private locker system where students can store shoes, clothes, sleeping bags, backpacks and other essentials.
  • During nap time after lunch, students use sleeping bags with thick back cushions in the classroom, and store sleeping bags in their personal lockers. Sleeping bags are owned by students and taken home at the end of each week for cleanliness.