• Respect the honor and safety of yourself and those around you.
  • Respect the differences of others.
  • Respect the culture, law, and surrounding community.
  • Respect the environment – nature.


  • Cooperation in action: Coordinate, help, share and support each other in the shared tasks.
  • Cooperation in attitude: Be sincere, be inquiring, be an attentive listener, comply with teamwork regulations, perform the assigned tasks properly.


  • Be empathetic, tolerant, humane and appreciative of surrounding people, creatures and life.


  • Listen, care, and help others physically and mentally within our abilities.


  • Live and behave ethically, culturally, and humanely.
  • Live and behave sincerely, conscientiously and meaningfully with kindness, voluntarily contribute efforts to improve the lives of people around.
  • Be appreciative, caring and helpful towards surrounding people and community.


  • Think and act for what is right, value honesty, and have a respect for the truth.


  • Always direct your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to the good, bright, positive, and optimistic.
  • Actively, dynamically, enthusiastically participate in tasks, activities within one’s position, scope, and functions, and actively participate in activities that contribute to the community.


  • Be independent, proactive in thinking and deciding one’s own actions.
  • Voluntarily perform tasks and duties within your one’s scope.
  • Actively observe, think, and daringly give ideas and solutions to common problems.
  • Always keep the spirit and progressive attitude, actively learn, and strive to update knowledge in life, study, and work.


  • Always think carefully to take actions that are conscious, proper, responsible to oneself, one’s family, the school, and the community.
  • Be aware of one’s duties, persist to overcome difficulties to fulfil tasks with the highest sense of responsibility.


  • Constantly try to achieve goals.
  • Be persistent and do not give up when things get tough.


  • Make efforts to find and create valuable new ideas, actions, and products.


  • Be proactive in seeking new knowledge to foster one’s nonstop development and innovation for life.